Monday, March 29, 2010

on backs & socks

These three cards represent the start of a process. These are the Commitee cards that survived the gesso-latex paint debacle, an act of crime so artistically heinous I won't go into it again. However, the latex paint alone seems to be sticky with no signs becoming unsticky. I brushed a matte medium acrylic on the latex surfaces, creating interesting brush strokes and small blobs. Once the medium was dried, I brushed watercolors over that surface and then dabbed some of the paint away with either a paper towel or cotton ball. I may work away a little more of the color this morning ~ the idea is to keep the yellow as the dominant color to represent this suit in my SoulCollage. I rather wish I had some glitter. I think I have some dried, pressed flowers languishing somewhere. I have access to stickers. I'm sure I'll find means of making the backs almost as interesting as the fronts. The important thing is not too rush. Painting the backs of my cards needs to be a focused Zen experience ~ when I brush on the matte medium, brush on the matte medium. Another version of that has something to do with washing rice. Does not apply to activities in the studio unless the kitchen sink is out.

In the Simple Mindless Knitting portion of my life, one sock is fininshed, the other begun. Let's see if I have enough #147 Purple in Vanna's Jiffy pile. The uncertainty has Simple Mindless Knitting on the edge of one's seat, does it not?

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