Monday, March 22, 2010

the art of making mistakes

Sometimes, as an artist, I get a little cocky, just a little too arrogant. I figure I know what the hell I'm doing and just go right on ahead and do it. Then I am humbled by results such as this:

This is one of the SoulCollage images done on card stock. It curled immediately upon applying gesso and then the subsequent coat of latex paint. Some of the other images were destroyed beyond saving and have hit the Round File. That's fine. This hard lesson only means I have to handle the images set on card stock differently. I will still continue to paint the backs in some corresponding colors. I'll have to paint the backs for the card stock images on another piece of card stock or paper and then glue them in place.

The backs of these images on illustration board survived the experiment with the latex paint finish, but I won't be using that paint again. Instead, I'll switch to the safer, more flexible acrylic. Yellows can still represent my Commitee Suit.

The next set gesso'd and awaiting ideas. The backs of these cards can become their own art forms.

Sometimes, art requires a little more attentiveness.

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