Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Light, P.O.'d & Finished Socks

But first, a photo of this nifty lamp rescued from Rose. It's warm glow gives me the fuzzies something awful each time I flip the switch, gracing my studio work table. She bought it years ago at Pier One (a favorite store of mine), the sister lamp to this bit the dust and she was tired of dealing with cleaning it, so I took it home. I love the cagey-ness and the little door. The mala beads make me happy as well. And I don't care if I get 'round to cleaning it so often.

And now stuff from the Post Office! I love stuff in the mail! Ruth sent me these:

No, not feet holding a tea bowl. Hand-knit (by her) Yoga Socks and and and a whole honkin' pound of Chai Tea from Frontier Herbs. Way Happy Early Birthday to me! The socks are cool and the tea is wicked.

Also arrived, my biddy doll from the Flame Sisters Dolly exchange. I love the gold coins that were included. A dolly from a couple of years ago is peeking over her shoulder. The new dolly (and the old) will reside on my Artist's Altar in the studio reminding me to stay grounded and be creative.

Finally, the Waterfall socks are done. They are delicious on the tootsies.

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psiam said...

I have sock skill envy.