Wednesday, February 10, 2010

chickens removed

Now I like a chicken or two hanging out in the downstairs bathroom as much as the next redneck, however, things had gotten to critical mass when I moved Victor the bantam rooster in with Henny Penny for company. Despite the snow, I decided today was the day to move them to the shed. After I got Penny and Vic into the cage they were ignoring, I went out with Dirk and cleaned the part of the shed the pair would be housed in for the rest of the winter. Penny's leg (sans foot) seems to be healed enough to be outside and Victor can keep her company during the day ~ something I'm sure he'll appreciate being a little guy in deep snow.

Thankfully, I'd covered most of the floor with leftover rubber tiles. Having housed recuperating chickens in this room before, I was savvy to floor protection. Thus clean-up was a breeze, but I'll spare the details.

The only reason I'm posting this is because, really, I wanted to do something else instead . . . SoulCollage and then Absolutely Nothing. After a shower, I will indeed head off to these two endeavors.

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Ashling said...

How exactly did Henny lose her foot?