Friday, January 22, 2010

whither thou goest saori?

But first, a hearty Howdy from Dirk across the way. We've been working/not working like this for a few weeks now. Now that I've downloaded the necessary programs, I can blog from the new old computer.

Darth continues to mock me.
We're at a comfortable working pace with the Waterfall Socks ~ past the heel and easy on up to the cuff.

However, I can't knit all the time. (Or can I?)

This brings us to the saori still warped on my Fannie.
That sounds awkward, but let's not tarry . . .

In the past few days I've woven another 14" or so of this cotton warp. Most of this exploration has been using this nifty Clasped Weft Weaving trick. I've managed to get through a fair amount of stash and little lie-abouts from other projects.
I feel quite frugal.

There is much warp left to weave. Anything could happen. It's dizzying. I don't base jump ~ this is my thrill.

Here's a little more of the finished weaving wound on to the front.

I even worked a little of the Unidentifiable Purple Fiber roving into the weave.

SoulCollage fodder for future cards. The personal deck creation has been languishing, but I'm feeling a need for the scent of rubber cement and the feel of an X-acto.

And Babystep #48: I've sorted through my Artfire issues and am ready to post stuff for sale. Not today though. It's Girl Scout Meeting Friday. Thus, today's focus is to keep my organs in place from the centrifugal pull of insanity and chaos.


Julie Schuler said...

Oh wow! That weaving looks so neat!

saoriweaver said...

A nice jump into Saori ...

Happy Weaving,