Saturday, January 23, 2010

random journal entries & the Daily 3

The titles are getting a bit lengthy. Nonetheless . . .

Below are a couple of random sketches from my journal.

Further on down the pike is my Daily 3-Card reading. Rather than fixate on Body/Mind/Spirit or Past/Present/Future, I read these like sentences. So the first sentence might read:

Because I don't feel like energies are flowing, I'm being careful with what I've got to avoid disappointment and hassle.

Or . . .

I need to becareful with the resources I have to avoid heartache over the ebb in creativity, money making or otherwise.

Or . . .

There's a whole lot of heartache over what's not flowing right now when all I really need to do is take care of what's available.

Not much knitting or weaving or spinning got done in the studio last night. I did an organ check and limb-and-digit count after the Girl Scout meeting. I walked away with a mild limp at worst. All in all, a creative meeting. We linked a big paper chain and cut paper hearts for the Me & My Guy Dance, formerly known as the Father/Daughter Dance. Soon, maybe tomorrow, Bennie and I will be making a big luan heart with red lights. My creativity knows no bounds. Well, maybe the rock wall at the edge of the property. Other than that, look out!

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