Thursday, January 07, 2010

on sock-knitting detours

Instead of diving right in to the next pair of socks, I found a quick hat pattern (the Tahoe Hat) in the latest Spin-Off and decided to use some of my handspun stash. As usual, I did not swatch or check my gauge and, as usual, I paid the price in a slightly oversized hat. The small ball of weirdness is being knit into an I-cord so that I can make an adjustable band. I also have my Fairy Ring Oracle book out to read up on my daily pick, the Leprechaun (hopefully, it's not like the movie). That divination is waiting for a second cup of tea. The first is spent getting people out the door in time for the bus.

In the last few journal entries, I've been doing these:

I hope to spark a Creative Revolution in myself with these small activites.

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Ruth said...

The person with the sword makes me think of Japanese mythology. :-)