Monday, January 18, 2010

lazy day lollies

Whatever that means . . .

Anyway, we've had another used computer move into our humble abode. A relative got herself a slick little lap top for on-the-go and gave us her old Dell tower. (I think it's even older than our Dimension 8200.) It's mainly the youths' computer to do games and such, but I've been trying to configure the antivirus programs just in case. All of which is a little difficult to do when you have this going on:

Having Darth oversee every step of the reconfiguration is a little disconcerting.

In the meantime, I've gotten this far on my Waterfall Socks by Wendy(to be found here). Toe-up again and now working the gusset. Nothing makes my day like a little gusset. Well, maybe chocolate, but a gusset comes mighty close. It leads to harder things, like heel turns.

In the realm of Personal Studies and along with the slow-going Evolutionary Witchcraft (hey, evolution doesn't happen overnight, cupcake), I've started playing with this workbook. The last time I did the exercises was in 2001 and I'm back in the same Hierophant year now as when I was playing with them then. No one ever wants to talk about the Heirphant in the room.

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Julie Schuler said...

Very cute socks! I only made one pair of socks ever. and they were too floppy.