Wednesday, January 20, 2010

gear shifting & tarot reading

Sometimes when I'm doing one thing one way another way of doing it strikes me. In an attempt to get the unidentifiable purple fiber off my work table (wearied by the purple, baleful reproaches everytime I entered my studio space) I'd been drop spinning it just to get it done. In splitting another slyver to spin, it occurred to me I could knit the stuff As Is. Hence, the the tender beginnings of I know not what. Nothing new. It's been done before. I remember the process vaguely from a Spin-Off in the deep past. The point is, I feel a little more eager to work with this wool now that another way has been remembered.

We are now working the heel flap of my Waterfall socks.

I did a daily Three-card Spread according to Mary K. Greer's Tarot For Yourself exercise. The initial focus is Body/Mind/Spirit. I dowsed these (the deck is Hanson-Roberts, by the way):

In this spread, my Body is feeling disconnected, a lack of harmony. My Mind is focused on good company and easy times (dinner tonight at a relatives). My Spirit is stuck on the change I need that ain't happening fast enough.

Now, shift the focus to Past/Present/Future and things might read like this:
Recently, I've been feeling a disconnection, disharmony. While things seem good right now, I can't help but fret about what's not getting done to secure a better tomorrow.

Next, we are asked to push the envelope and move the cards around:

I'd been doing fine and enjoying myself until now. It seems I've hit the proverbial brick wall and am unable to realize my potential. If this continues, disharmony may ensue.

And one more time:

Change was moving like wintered molasses which has me feeling disconnected now. At least I can look forward to dinner tonight.

In a way, they seem to say very similar things despite order, placement or labels. Sheds a new light on what Now is in readings.

Well, that was fun! Off to the laundry now.

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