Thursday, January 28, 2010

biddies & big hearts

While Bennie was at school today, I busied myself with making the biddy doll forms for later. Imbolc is a-comin' and it's time for another exchange. One of these dollies will go to Massachusetts and the other to Washington state. They are great fun to make!

I also busied myself with moving my Tarot decks somewhere handy. Now that the dust has been settled here awhile, really settled because I don't dust often, I figured it was time to move the pouches and boxes where I could pick and choose at will. They're now in the studio awaiting random readings. Bet you can't guess which one has the Motherpeace Tarot.

After dinner, Bennie and I got busy dressing the dollies.

Ready to go!

And then there's this big heart we're working on for the dance . . . small beginnings.

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psiam said...

I can't even begin to describe how much joy I get from knowing that you and Bennie share the making of biddy dolls.

We had some fun over the years with that . . . didn't we?