Thursday, January 28, 2010

biddies & big hearts

While Bennie was at school today, I busied myself with making the biddy doll forms for later. Imbolc is a-comin' and it's time for another exchange. One of these dollies will go to Massachusetts and the other to Washington state. They are great fun to make!

I also busied myself with moving my Tarot decks somewhere handy. Now that the dust has been settled here awhile, really settled because I don't dust often, I figured it was time to move the pouches and boxes where I could pick and choose at will. They're now in the studio awaiting random readings. Bet you can't guess which one has the Motherpeace Tarot.

After dinner, Bennie and I got busy dressing the dollies.

Ready to go!

And then there's this big heart we're working on for the dance . . . small beginnings.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

random journal entries & the Daily 3

The titles are getting a bit lengthy. Nonetheless . . .

Below are a couple of random sketches from my journal.

Further on down the pike is my Daily 3-Card reading. Rather than fixate on Body/Mind/Spirit or Past/Present/Future, I read these like sentences. So the first sentence might read:

Because I don't feel like energies are flowing, I'm being careful with what I've got to avoid disappointment and hassle.

Or . . .

I need to becareful with the resources I have to avoid heartache over the ebb in creativity, money making or otherwise.

Or . . .

There's a whole lot of heartache over what's not flowing right now when all I really need to do is take care of what's available.

Not much knitting or weaving or spinning got done in the studio last night. I did an organ check and limb-and-digit count after the Girl Scout meeting. I walked away with a mild limp at worst. All in all, a creative meeting. We linked a big paper chain and cut paper hearts for the Me & My Guy Dance, formerly known as the Father/Daughter Dance. Soon, maybe tomorrow, Bennie and I will be making a big luan heart with red lights. My creativity knows no bounds. Well, maybe the rock wall at the edge of the property. Other than that, look out!

Friday, January 22, 2010

whither thou goest saori?

But first, a hearty Howdy from Dirk across the way. We've been working/not working like this for a few weeks now. Now that I've downloaded the necessary programs, I can blog from the new old computer.

Darth continues to mock me.
We're at a comfortable working pace with the Waterfall Socks ~ past the heel and easy on up to the cuff.

However, I can't knit all the time. (Or can I?)

This brings us to the saori still warped on my Fannie.
That sounds awkward, but let's not tarry . . .

In the past few days I've woven another 14" or so of this cotton warp. Most of this exploration has been using this nifty Clasped Weft Weaving trick. I've managed to get through a fair amount of stash and little lie-abouts from other projects.
I feel quite frugal.

There is much warp left to weave. Anything could happen. It's dizzying. I don't base jump ~ this is my thrill.

Here's a little more of the finished weaving wound on to the front.

I even worked a little of the Unidentifiable Purple Fiber roving into the weave.

SoulCollage fodder for future cards. The personal deck creation has been languishing, but I'm feeling a need for the scent of rubber cement and the feel of an X-acto.

And Babystep #48: I've sorted through my Artfire issues and am ready to post stuff for sale. Not today though. It's Girl Scout Meeting Friday. Thus, today's focus is to keep my organs in place from the centrifugal pull of insanity and chaos.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

gear shifting & tarot reading

Sometimes when I'm doing one thing one way another way of doing it strikes me. In an attempt to get the unidentifiable purple fiber off my work table (wearied by the purple, baleful reproaches everytime I entered my studio space) I'd been drop spinning it just to get it done. In splitting another slyver to spin, it occurred to me I could knit the stuff As Is. Hence, the the tender beginnings of I know not what. Nothing new. It's been done before. I remember the process vaguely from a Spin-Off in the deep past. The point is, I feel a little more eager to work with this wool now that another way has been remembered.

We are now working the heel flap of my Waterfall socks.

I did a daily Three-card Spread according to Mary K. Greer's Tarot For Yourself exercise. The initial focus is Body/Mind/Spirit. I dowsed these (the deck is Hanson-Roberts, by the way):

In this spread, my Body is feeling disconnected, a lack of harmony. My Mind is focused on good company and easy times (dinner tonight at a relatives). My Spirit is stuck on the change I need that ain't happening fast enough.

Now, shift the focus to Past/Present/Future and things might read like this:
Recently, I've been feeling a disconnection, disharmony. While things seem good right now, I can't help but fret about what's not getting done to secure a better tomorrow.

Next, we are asked to push the envelope and move the cards around:

I'd been doing fine and enjoying myself until now. It seems I've hit the proverbial brick wall and am unable to realize my potential. If this continues, disharmony may ensue.

And one more time:

Change was moving like wintered molasses which has me feeling disconnected now. At least I can look forward to dinner tonight.

In a way, they seem to say very similar things despite order, placement or labels. Sheds a new light on what Now is in readings.

Well, that was fun! Off to the laundry now.

Monday, January 18, 2010

lazy day lollies

Whatever that means . . .

Anyway, we've had another used computer move into our humble abode. A relative got herself a slick little lap top for on-the-go and gave us her old Dell tower. (I think it's even older than our Dimension 8200.) It's mainly the youths' computer to do games and such, but I've been trying to configure the antivirus programs just in case. All of which is a little difficult to do when you have this going on:

Having Darth oversee every step of the reconfiguration is a little disconcerting.

In the meantime, I've gotten this far on my Waterfall Socks by Wendy(to be found here). Toe-up again and now working the gusset. Nothing makes my day like a little gusset. Well, maybe chocolate, but a gusset comes mighty close. It leads to harder things, like heel turns.

In the realm of Personal Studies and along with the slow-going Evolutionary Witchcraft (hey, evolution doesn't happen overnight, cupcake), I've started playing with this workbook. The last time I did the exercises was in 2001 and I'm back in the same Hierophant year now as when I was playing with them then. No one ever wants to talk about the Heirphant in the room.

Friday, January 08, 2010

more diversionary tactics

Snowed again this morning. My level of disgust at the white stuff on the ground is mounting. Again, if I had nowhere to go later today, it wouldn't bother me.

But I digress.

I finished another Tahoe-like hat, modified from the latest Spin-Off. Fewer stitches cast-on (that messed with my decrease math later ~ gotta pay the piper somewhere) and a smaller needle. This version is a little more snug. All started and finished watching my mother's borrowed DVD of Julie & Julia in the comfort of the Big-Ass Red Chair with a cup of Lapsang Souchong tea. I must purchase my own copy and add it to the Never Leaves House Collection. It is an absolutely adorable movie and moves me like Bagdad Cafe (the movie, not the TV show) in its adorableness. I think I can face the rest of the day now.

But first, more fresh bread slathered with butter (salted) and hunks of cheddar cheese. They don't call a human's posterior gluteus maximus for nothing.

And a mere snippet from yesterday's journal entry . . .

Tonight, as it is finally Friday, I will find the next pattern to knit for my pair of socks. I'll just have to get to the computer before the boys do.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

on sock-knitting detours

Instead of diving right in to the next pair of socks, I found a quick hat pattern (the Tahoe Hat) in the latest Spin-Off and decided to use some of my handspun stash. As usual, I did not swatch or check my gauge and, as usual, I paid the price in a slightly oversized hat. The small ball of weirdness is being knit into an I-cord so that I can make an adjustable band. I also have my Fairy Ring Oracle book out to read up on my daily pick, the Leprechaun (hopefully, it's not like the movie). That divination is waiting for a second cup of tea. The first is spent getting people out the door in time for the bus.

In the last few journal entries, I've been doing these:

I hope to spark a Creative Revolution in myself with these small activites.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


It's snowing again today. No photos. The snow has exceeded its level of cuteness.

I have taken up the art of baking bread again. I was born and raised on James Beard's bread book in terms of bread making. For the longest time, I had the recipe down without referring to the book. However, with many moves and much construction and not knowing where my books were half the time, break making fell to the wayside. Arnold's 2lb Brick Oven loaves have been the staple since.

Then, last summer, I found this recipe in Mother Earth News. What a god send! I'm not keen on a million kitchen gadgets. I wouldn't mind a KitchenAid in Green Apple, thank you. I've got a waffle maker, a nifty electric griddle (great for evenly-cooked bacon), and a big-ass slow cooker, but I'd resisted purchasing or being given a bread machine because, really, I like making bread without the machinery. The only problem with James' bread making process is that it takes 5 hours, start to finish, before one gets to enjoy a slice of home baked goodness. Few people, even me, have time for all that. Sorry, James, something's gotta give. Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois, scientist (?) and chef, worked together to create this ridiculously easy recipe for baking bread. The initial mixing and first rise requires, at most, 2 hours of one's day and the rest of the dough can live in the fridge for up to 2 weeks after taking a portion to bake the same day.

And so the other day, I revisited the Artisan Bread In 5 Minutes recipe after reading the latest article in Mother Earth News featuring this recipe. I'd have done the new recipe, but I needed vital wheat gluten to make it so. Working with what I had, I grabbed my big Polish-designed bread bowl and mixed up a batch of joy and wholesome goodness. By dinner we had bread and I've got at least two more loaves to bake for breakfast and noshing through out the day. Thankfully, with this easy recipe, we can carb up to our heart's content.

It is my endeavor to get Hertberg and Francois' books. Here and here. Until then, I'll content myself with the recipes available through Mother Earth News.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

last year's loose ends

Houston, we have turned the heel! Again. It's nice knitting socks toe-up. Early on, one has gotten through the rough stuff of toe shaping, gusset making and heel turning, thus engaging in leisurely pattern knitting the ankle to cuff. I honestly do not know what's kept me from knitting socks this way sooner. Soon, I will start my pair of toe-up's. Tomorrow, the world.

And it's snowing outside my studio window again. Blah. It would be fine if I didn't have to leave the building at some point in the day.

Other loose ends . . .

Some errant drop spinning languishing on the work table

Still spinning (NOT) that Shetland fleece, Alissa. Really, it's shameful the lack of motivation.

But wait, there's more!

These have taken up residence on the easel.

I hope 2010 sports a little more ambition.