Tuesday, December 29, 2009

socks & the pointy things on trees

Hey! It's 4 days after xmas and we're all still breathing! It's the little things . . .

Anyway, here's the promised snap of Bennie's Catnip Socks by Wendy. I'm almost at the heel of the second sock. Naturally, the second sock is easier. Then I'll have to find a pattern for my sock wool. Still sitting around on my desk are a variety of other projects. I seem to be suffering a creative ADD in that I can't seem to focus on anyone thing for too long. I took the other baby step of creating an Artfire account. The Basic Member status is a little annoying. I'd put images in a few key places just to check them out and can't seem to change them. Figuring it all out takes time. If only I had my own laptop . . . Soon enough. The other thing to figure out is what I want to sell right now and for how much. Again, this takes time and head space. I can't be bothered with clean underwear, dog doo, or the making of meals. I feel a need to move forward on something here, but need the computer time and organization. *sigh* Clearly, I lack discipline.

On xmas morning, we got a treat ~ no snow, but a fog that crystallized on the trees up here on the mountain. Dirk ventured out after feeding the chickens to get a few photos of this nifty phenomenon. The happenings of nature are always a pleasure.

And now, time to put some xmas stuff away. Xmas is over, turn out the lights, as Mr. Morrison says.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Are those size 1 needles?

The photos of the icy fog branches are just beautiful.

*hugs* I love you.