Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's 8:00pm and What's Due Tomorrow?

1) An illustration from a book that was read.

2) Interview with a Grandparent.

3) A diorama depicting a wildlife habitat.

These are three things Bennie has due by tomorrow for Reading. #1 was a cinch ~ she's illustrating all the time. Done. #2 happened easily enough. It only required finding a grandparent still awake and available after 8:30pm. My mother focused on the '60's, let things get hazy 'round the 70's and then revisited the '80's. Three decades before 9:00pm! Not too shabby. It was #3, the diorama depicting a wildlife habitat that was a bit of a stumper, but, as always, grace under pressure (hydrolic, at that), I quickly produced a small box to create this:

A wild mouse habitat under the snow, under some pine trees with stolen daffodil bulbs. I am so done. And now I can go to bed and avoid twitching with the thoughts of xmas gifts yet to purchase.

Oh yeah. I finished one Catnip sock for Bennie. The other is in progress ~ just not too quickly. If I'm allowed time at the computer I'll post pics.

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