Tuesday, December 29, 2009

socks & the pointy things on trees

Hey! It's 4 days after xmas and we're all still breathing! It's the little things . . .

Anyway, here's the promised snap of Bennie's Catnip Socks by Wendy. I'm almost at the heel of the second sock. Naturally, the second sock is easier. Then I'll have to find a pattern for my sock wool. Still sitting around on my desk are a variety of other projects. I seem to be suffering a creative ADD in that I can't seem to focus on anyone thing for too long. I took the other baby step of creating an Artfire account. The Basic Member status is a little annoying. I'd put images in a few key places just to check them out and can't seem to change them. Figuring it all out takes time. If only I had my own laptop . . . Soon enough. The other thing to figure out is what I want to sell right now and for how much. Again, this takes time and head space. I can't be bothered with clean underwear, dog doo, or the making of meals. I feel a need to move forward on something here, but need the computer time and organization. *sigh* Clearly, I lack discipline.

On xmas morning, we got a treat ~ no snow, but a fog that crystallized on the trees up here on the mountain. Dirk ventured out after feeding the chickens to get a few photos of this nifty phenomenon. The happenings of nature are always a pleasure.

And now, time to put some xmas stuff away. Xmas is over, turn out the lights, as Mr. Morrison says.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's 8:00pm and What's Due Tomorrow?

1) An illustration from a book that was read.

2) Interview with a Grandparent.

3) A diorama depicting a wildlife habitat.

These are three things Bennie has due by tomorrow for Reading. #1 was a cinch ~ she's illustrating all the time. Done. #2 happened easily enough. It only required finding a grandparent still awake and available after 8:30pm. My mother focused on the '60's, let things get hazy 'round the 70's and then revisited the '80's. Three decades before 9:00pm! Not too shabby. It was #3, the diorama depicting a wildlife habitat that was a bit of a stumper, but, as always, grace under pressure (hydrolic, at that), I quickly produced a small box to create this:

A wild mouse habitat under the snow, under some pine trees with stolen daffodil bulbs. I am so done. And now I can go to bed and avoid twitching with the thoughts of xmas gifts yet to purchase.

Oh yeah. I finished one Catnip sock for Bennie. The other is in progress ~ just not too quickly. If I'm allowed time at the computer I'll post pics.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

little accomplishments

I've turned the heel and started up the ankle of the Catnip Socks. That'll be New Trick #2 ~ turning a heel in the opposite direction. Progress is slow and the blogging is sketchy because xmas is looming as evidenced by the recent tree trimming. A seasonal accomplishment of sorts.

And another little accomplishment: found a site that'll let you post artwork to sell for FREE. Artfire. Etsy, despite the glitz and glamour, disappointed me with fees. Needs to be free right now. Bupkus, nada, nothing ~ just make an account and post stuff. Now to actually get off my butt and do it.