Monday, November 30, 2009

a moodling sort of Monday

Having gotten through a 5-day weekend with the youths, it's kind of quiet 'round here. I can hear myself think. Actually, there's much to do ~ phone calls, watering plants, replenishing the food supply for catsdogschickens. Instead, while I had time to hear myself think, I remembered someone needs a replacement knitted rib hat. The previously knitted item got lost or tossed in a recent move and the effects of its loss are being sorely felt now. It should knit up quick as I'm doubling the strands of some fairly chunky wool. I hope to be done with that the middle of this week.

In the meantime, Bennie's socks are moving along. I'm almost at her heel which means the process of learning another new skill: gusset and heel turn in a toe-up sock. The suspense is dizzying.

The rest of the week is Girl Scout Leader/Daughter meetings and Parent/Teacher conferences. That means baking cookies and gearing up for Grade "team" meetings . . . polish up the armor, ladies.


Anonymous said...

Good Looking Wool!!! And I especially enjoyed the Brined Turkey!!!


Ruth said...

As always, your hands-on casual approach to everything is an inspiration.