Sunday, November 08, 2009

I'm not slacking . . .

Well, not much anyway. (Some would beg to differ. I don't cook food or clean underwear often enough. Let's not broach the subject of dusting.) This is the third spool of Shetland not Blueface Leicester. Wild Apple Hill Farm has no truck Leicester ~ only Shetland. I stand corrected and humbled. It's what happens when unidentified fleece (with the exception of the sheep's name) is hanging around in my studio. I simply forget what I have. It's a sort of Fiber Alzheimer's.

I'm trying to spin this Shetland fat and loose. If I add it to the Blueface Leicester, I might have the makings of a fat and loose sweater ~ something of my own design. Boxy and simple. That's the plan for now. Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

In the meantime, during my favorite WAMC radio shows yesterday, I finished Bennie's Fun Fur tube scarf. Our pediatrician loved it. He thought it would be great on Sesame Street as some kind of a muppet animal. Ah, the mind of a pediatrician! Remind me not to go there.

Bennie loves the finished product. It will come in handy when we are shamelessly selling baked goods outdoors come November 22 for the Troop. We, Bennie and I, wonder why plans are made to sell homemade baked goods on cold blustery days. Builds character, I suppose. Not mine. I head for the warmth of the car anytime I can get. Girl Scout leadership is not for the feint of heart. Which is why it's my liver that invariably seeks the warmth. And possibly my spleen.

Tragically, I am again without a knit project. Which means I embark on another 10 squares for the Knit-A-Square folks and a trip to the P.O. to send it all off to the Soweto Comfort Club in South Africa. And I could cruise one of many sock and hat patterns for inspiration. Could take hours. I don't know if I can be bothered with all that on a Sunday.

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