Friday, November 13, 2009

got squares?

I'm up to 5 done so far. My personal goal is 10, but with these mitered squares I might bump my goal up to 20 (which will increase the postage to Africa, I know, but it will be worth it). The mitered knitting is most certainly faster. Once you've got your guage and know how many stitches will make 2 sides of an 8" square, you're good to go. No measuring, no checking along the way. And the results are far more interesting than stripes. I feel quite nifty right now.

I'd recently had an opportunity to speak with someone who had lived in South Africa. Her husband was stationed in Soweto. When she described the plight of these people, how the government is corrupt and would prefer they be kept in their squalor by taking funds in anyway possible, I remarked, My stupid little knitted squares mean nothing. On the contrary, she said, at least it was something the government couldn't take from the people because it wasn't money.

So it's a little thing. Like the Starfish Story. A square might make a difference to someone.

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