Wednesday, October 07, 2009

the day was moist

Well, a bit rainy actually. All of which initially had me thinking I'd be spinning, drinking large quantities of English Breakfast tea with honey and 1/2 n 1/2 (milk is for wussies) and watching hours of X-Files Seasons 1-5. However, the rain has stopped and a few small errands have reared their ugly heads. So while I'm waiting for my mother to drive me down for one errand, I have meandered over to my Ravelry account by way of Wendy Knits. As it had been nearly a year since I last posted anything there, it's clear I'm not Ravelry savvy. I spent a little time clicking around the site again. It is one worthy of a little more of my time. Stash list, needle list, an exchange of patterns and knitting information ~ where have I been? (Oh. Right. Florida. Where I spent my car money. As I'd said to a kind woman giving me a ride down the hill one afternoon, "Now I just put on my Mickey ears and dream of the car I could have had." Where's my Fairy Godmother? And no bloody pumpkin coaches this time!) Much has improved since I last visited ~ nearly a year ago, as mentioned. I prefer uploading photos from my computer; that feature has been added so I don't have to have a Flikr account for my images. It's easier to find stuff.

The problem is going to be the time displacement. Finding Ravelry again and creating an Etsy account means time here at the desk and computer as well as the nail-biting fear that all will go down in flaming misery once the computer cashes it in for that main frame in the sky. But, hey, I don't bungie jump; got to have challenges somewhere in life.

Now I'll go play with my account for a little while longer and then get to carding my wool. Priorities skewed all over the place.

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