Tuesday, October 06, 2009


You might recall here that I'd left a fleece unwashed awhile back. Well, the other day, I fast-tracked that puppy and now we're cardin' and spinnin' like nobody's business. Sort of. If people left me alone to card and spin until I could stand no more I'd get a lot done. However, there are youths to rouse and bark at in the morning, a man to get out the door for work and then there's the catsdogschickens to contend with. Not to mention the time displacement spent on the computer.

I'm car shopping via the internet. Something new for me really. I prefer going to amazon.com, but they don't sell cars. (Correct me if I'm wrong ~ I don't go there unless I want books or music.) Car shopping on the internet requires a bit of research. Craigslist will have one going to Wyoming for the best deal if one isn't careful with one's search request. I'm not going to Wyoming to buy a car. I'm not even keen on searching throughout the tri-state area, but that concern largely goes ignored. Dirk is all about finding the good deal ~ no matter the distance. We may purchase a car in Alaska for all I know. The shipping charges will be hell.

Well, whatever whatever . . . I shall continue carding and spinning in a quiet corner of the room. I hope to sit unnoticed ~ three days maybe.

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