Tuesday, September 15, 2009

things in progress

It's been a day of Small Domestic Chores and Minor Activities. Dogs were walked. All the way down the 1/2-mile Hill from Hell and back up again. Chickens were fed, but not enough ~ low on feed. Low on cars too. So no feed. Ironing was done. It piled up just like I've heard on The Donna Reed Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Father Knows Best ~ not to mention, Dennis the Menace. These are what Retro Moments are made of. Crystal's matted backside was combed for as long as we could both stand. Bodhi helped by playing with Crystal while I was trying to comb said backside. She does like to be included. The cats merely watched on in disgust from high places like the countertop. I allowed myself time to meditate and practice asanas.

Now that I'm feeling accomplished, I can vegetate. And I feel a cold coming on. I'll need to determine which youth to curse ~ I suspect it's Tom.

But I divaricate . . .

Here is the Herringbone Rib ~ one down, one to go.

And if you knew Saori, like I knew Saori . . .

It's just having fun with itself all over the place.

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