Monday, September 14, 2009


A Sleepover Birthday Party was hosted here Saturday night and, man, are my arms tired! . . .
Wrong punch line. The point is, I was certain I would be in a state of death-warmed-over recovery from the squealing, feeding, soda-drinking, cupcake-decorating, Chinese buffeting, Man Hunt playing, late night movie watching BUT . . . I'm actually doing alright for a Monday. I shall refrain from posting photos. Not only do I have snaps of other people's daughters, but I didn't take a photo of one finished Herringbone Rib sock. Tomorrow, perhaps.

Creative points of interest:

As mentioned, one sock done. One to go. Started 9:30pm last night. Not bad for a partied-out mother of three.

Saori progressing nicely on the loom. Tossing the shuttle when I feel like it. Thinking of including chicken feathers. What? It's what I've got.

Painting awaiting attention on the easel. I glance at it daily. Isn't that enough? When did artwork become so needy?

Any input on creating an Etsy thingy? Anyone? In the back, there? I've been tossing that about recently. Starving Artist has become a tiresome description for Occupation on forms. Homemaker doesn't cut it anymore either. Don't go there.

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