Wednesday, September 09, 2009


There has been a great flurry of deskwork activity today. Much uploading and sending of files which allowed me time to continue winding bobbins for this:

Saori, people. People, Saori. It is a freeform means of weaving where the Journey is more important than the finished thingy. It's also a fine way to clear out the stash and little bits lying around from other knit projects. It also makes weaving seem less technical and more, you know, fun. Special Saori looms are sold for this process of weaving, but my superfluous 4-harness Fanny does the trick of the simple over/under required.
At this section, I used a beaded cord made on the lucet. I found this length of cord languishing in my jewelry box as it was being cleaned out. (Actually, I was looking for a lost earring, but no luck. I guess that means the garnet stud is gone for good.)
And, as promised, a cake was made yesterday, from scratch, for Bennie's 11th ~ yes, 11th ~ Birthday. She's already casting an eye at my wardrobe to see what she can borrow . . .
Can I nap now?

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