Thursday, September 24, 2009


Here's the poop: The Herringbone Rib socks are done. I look to another pair for knitting while hanging out in a Dr's office later this morning. Something with Fun Fur goddammit!

Photos in a couple of days.

Dirk is on a train out of East Rutherford and the U2 concert as I blearily write to catch some train or another to Cold Spring for me to pick him up @ an ungodly hour in town. The only reason I'm up this late to write at this particular ungodly hour is I'd hoped he'd be in Cold Spring by now.

I shall sleep while I can. The wool waits.

Monday, September 21, 2009

24 1/2 hours

Saturday, 9:00pm ~ A wandering eye is cast upon an over sized Ziploc bag full of Blueface Leicester fleeces waiting too long to be washed. In a fit of whimsy, I decide Sunday is not just for Football and plan to scour said fleece. I retire early to read and doze to Brit-coms.

Sunday, 7:00am ~ Awaken. Realize the hour is still ungodly, roll over and resume sleep.

8:00am ~ Awaken again to TV chattering. Attempt to ignore TV through slitted eyes as Dirk randomly changes the channels. This activity gnaws at my sanity.

8:30pm ~ As Mental Serenity departs for the morning, I sense no amount of meditation could coax its return and head for the shower instead.

8:45am ~ Showered and fresh, I dress casual. No need for taffeta and tiaras when scouring wool.

9:00am ~ Hearing the staccato trumpeting of Sunday Morning, I remember we have an overnight guest which means cooking a decent breakfast. There is no cold, left-over pizza to offer.

9:15am-10:30am ~ Waffles made from scratch. Ian and guest return to the realm of X-Box 360 Live. Tom arranges a movie date. Bennie arranges hang time with a friend here. Dirk makes vague plans to install tub spout #2. I clean up and make room in the sink for the planned wool washing while listening to WAMC.

10:30am ~ It's delightful to find, after ignoring a fleece for a year, photos of the contributing sheep. From the Wild Apple Hill Farm in Hudson, NY, I had procured 1.6lbs of Sheep #318 Alisa and the same weight of Sheep #239, sadly unnamed. (I suspect his name is now "Chops.") Skirting wasn't necessary as the fleece was blessedly free of dung tags. Heaps of delight, I begin drawing the bath and admire the crimp and color of Alisa.

11:00am-4:00pm ~ Various events occur. Dirk continues moodling about in the downstairs bathroom. This is punctuated by Pre-Game viewing. The punctuation resembles a long line of ellipses . . . Tom solidifies movie plans. The sleepover guest is granted more time to hang out until late afternoon. Bennie's friend arrives. Pre-Game ends. Game #1 begins. Although I've cleaned up after breakfast, I break out more food and make quesadillas. All the while, I've washed and rinsed four batches of #318 Alisa. Dismay occurs when I discover Alisa enjoys long walks in the park and wicked rolls in the dirt ~ it might take three sudsings to clean this fleece. One wash manages to soak for an unintended hour and a half while taking Tom to the movies, shopping for food and stopping in to see my mother who wasn't home. She attended a Psychic Fair. My brother commented maybe if I'd gone to said Psychic Fair I might have intuited her absence. Yoda, I am not. I spend time with sister-in-law and children in the park. Pick up Tom. Once home, I resume washing wool . . . and prepping for dinner. Dirk is asleep in the Big Ass Red Chair. I suspect the tub spout has yet to be installed.

4:00pm-7:00pm ~ Dinner preparation and service done. Again, I clean up. Food prep and dish clearing is all the while punctuated by continued wool sudsing; that punctuation resembles a semi-colon followed by several commas.

7:00pm ~ Sunset. The Flame is lit for my turn at Vigil. Freed from the bonds of Domestic Engineering and Hostessing, I return to the task at hand. Full force into the wool washing, Dirk requires help with the tub spout installation. Realizing the torch could indeed stand hands-free, he doesn't need my help after all. He'd waited nearly a full day in the Big Ass Red Chair for my help only to reach this realization. Luckily, the TV was filled with visions of full-grown men chucking and chasing pigskin on well-marked fields. I return to the tub undaunted and mildly miffed.

8:00pm ~ Game time for the third time today. The last little pile of Alisa eyes me smugly. Dirk has run out of solder. Again, I suspect no dermis will be lost neither nasally nor by posterior because, as mentioned, it's Game Time and the Giants are playing. The pile of Alisa grins broadly with the knowledge of another full fleece, the Nameless #239, waiting to be cleaned.

9:00pm ~ The Sheep #318 Alisa fleece is scoured, wrung and now drying in the Cat-Free Containment Zone (aka laundry room with a working door). My daughter, a keen observer, notes that it has taken me all day to clean this fleece. Nameless #239 waits another day . . . or three depending on the Daily Demands. I detect a pout as I turn off the lights and . . .

9:30pm ~ trudge off to bed wondering how women with less technology at their disposal ever got anything done. Terry Pratchett's The Fifth Elephant, gently transports me to Discworld. I bask in the iridescent glow of Sci-Fi/Fantasy and dream of elephants scouring wool.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


There's a lot going on today with regard to the impending Equinox and the subsequent shortening of days. Plants are moving back in. Crystals are also coming in from the summer fun.

I only dropped in quickly to remind everyone . . .

Yarr! And Shiver me timbers!

More tomorrow. Or Monday.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

things in progress

It's been a day of Small Domestic Chores and Minor Activities. Dogs were walked. All the way down the 1/2-mile Hill from Hell and back up again. Chickens were fed, but not enough ~ low on feed. Low on cars too. So no feed. Ironing was done. It piled up just like I've heard on The Donna Reed Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Father Knows Best ~ not to mention, Dennis the Menace. These are what Retro Moments are made of. Crystal's matted backside was combed for as long as we could both stand. Bodhi helped by playing with Crystal while I was trying to comb said backside. She does like to be included. The cats merely watched on in disgust from high places like the countertop. I allowed myself time to meditate and practice asanas.

Now that I'm feeling accomplished, I can vegetate. And I feel a cold coming on. I'll need to determine which youth to curse ~ I suspect it's Tom.

But I divaricate . . .

Here is the Herringbone Rib ~ one down, one to go.

And if you knew Saori, like I knew Saori . . .

It's just having fun with itself all over the place.

Monday, September 14, 2009


A Sleepover Birthday Party was hosted here Saturday night and, man, are my arms tired! . . .
Wrong punch line. The point is, I was certain I would be in a state of death-warmed-over recovery from the squealing, feeding, soda-drinking, cupcake-decorating, Chinese buffeting, Man Hunt playing, late night movie watching BUT . . . I'm actually doing alright for a Monday. I shall refrain from posting photos. Not only do I have snaps of other people's daughters, but I didn't take a photo of one finished Herringbone Rib sock. Tomorrow, perhaps.

Creative points of interest:

As mentioned, one sock done. One to go. Started 9:30pm last night. Not bad for a partied-out mother of three.

Saori progressing nicely on the loom. Tossing the shuttle when I feel like it. Thinking of including chicken feathers. What? It's what I've got.

Painting awaiting attention on the easel. I glance at it daily. Isn't that enough? When did artwork become so needy?

Any input on creating an Etsy thingy? Anyone? In the back, there? I've been tossing that about recently. Starving Artist has become a tiresome description for Occupation on forms. Homemaker doesn't cut it anymore either. Don't go there.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


There has been a great flurry of deskwork activity today. Much uploading and sending of files which allowed me time to continue winding bobbins for this:

Saori, people. People, Saori. It is a freeform means of weaving where the Journey is more important than the finished thingy. It's also a fine way to clear out the stash and little bits lying around from other knit projects. It also makes weaving seem less technical and more, you know, fun. Special Saori looms are sold for this process of weaving, but my superfluous 4-harness Fanny does the trick of the simple over/under required.
At this section, I used a beaded cord made on the lucet. I found this length of cord languishing in my jewelry box as it was being cleaned out. (Actually, I was looking for a lost earring, but no luck. I guess that means the garnet stud is gone for good.)
And, as promised, a cake was made yesterday, from scratch, for Bennie's 11th ~ yes, 11th ~ Birthday. She's already casting an eye at my wardrobe to see what she can borrow . . .
Can I nap now?