Thursday, August 20, 2009

altars 'bout house

Finally! The Creativity altar is set. This is an old liquor box, Dujardin Brandy according to the labels, transformed into greatness. I bought some crate-like thing from AC Moores with the intentions of using that as the Creativity altar, but didn't like the feel of it once I'd gotten it home. Then I remembered dumping a load of old paints and paint bottles from this box and felt it would be a better structure. I like intuition. It's fun and not just for breakfast anymore. This box has been with me for years. I kept the mixed bottles of tempera from the beginnings of my Source painting days. It's well-travelled. The inside is painted with Holbein Extra Fine Gold oil and the edge was trimmed out in Winsor & Newton Artist's Oil Colour Bright Red. Set atop is a biddy doll made for me last year. Inside is a small note card with Georgia O'Keeffe's Flower Abstraction, a nifty pendant of a Frida Kahlo self-portrait and a wrapped rock a friend made for me to find after her visit. Below all that is the Buddha Board Tom bought for me ~ I can paint an inspirational word or squiggle in water that will disappear as it dries. Above the whole she-bang is a medicine wheel, the center of which my grandmother had crocheted, filled with feathers collected as well as bits and baubles. All in all, I'm a happy camper with this altar's beginnings. I look forward to adding to it over time.

I'd mentioned tending to my morning meditations again. That's all been happening or Not Happening here. All I have to do, as early as I can stand, is grab my sitting pillow and do the Not Doing. Inspirational reading is neatly lodged below.

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