Thursday, August 27, 2009

stuff on the table

A chill is in the air. Late August, a time when one's thoughts and tasks turn to knitting a warm sock or two ~ if one is knitterly. Otherwise, one might be chopping wood or canning tomatoes. The spinning-in-progress is llama down. I'm not actively seeking to finish the down, merely spin when I feel like it or have some frantic time to kill. The sock pattern is from Interweave Knits. A little freebie from the Knitting Daily e-newsletter. This isn't progressing too quickly either as the pattern requires attention, something I'm having a hard time paying these days. It looks to be a sturdy and interesting rib. The feet should be happy this autumn.

Next week is school. I could have enjoyed at least another 2 weeks of summer vacation. I didn't get to do enough of nothing this past summer. Ah, well at least it'll be quiet 'round here during the day.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

altars 'bout house

Finally! The Creativity altar is set. This is an old liquor box, Dujardin Brandy according to the labels, transformed into greatness. I bought some crate-like thing from AC Moores with the intentions of using that as the Creativity altar, but didn't like the feel of it once I'd gotten it home. Then I remembered dumping a load of old paints and paint bottles from this box and felt it would be a better structure. I like intuition. It's fun and not just for breakfast anymore. This box has been with me for years. I kept the mixed bottles of tempera from the beginnings of my Source painting days. It's well-travelled. The inside is painted with Holbein Extra Fine Gold oil and the edge was trimmed out in Winsor & Newton Artist's Oil Colour Bright Red. Set atop is a biddy doll made for me last year. Inside is a small note card with Georgia O'Keeffe's Flower Abstraction, a nifty pendant of a Frida Kahlo self-portrait and a wrapped rock a friend made for me to find after her visit. Below all that is the Buddha Board Tom bought for me ~ I can paint an inspirational word or squiggle in water that will disappear as it dries. Above the whole she-bang is a medicine wheel, the center of which my grandmother had crocheted, filled with feathers collected as well as bits and baubles. All in all, I'm a happy camper with this altar's beginnings. I look forward to adding to it over time.

I'd mentioned tending to my morning meditations again. That's all been happening or Not Happening here. All I have to do, as early as I can stand, is grab my sitting pillow and do the Not Doing. Inspirational reading is neatly lodged below.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

creativity is . . .

After engaging in soul-sucking, joy-depriving T&M billing I had some fun. Red Hot Chili Peppers and White Stripes was somewhat cranked (the kids asked me turn it down!) and I got busy.

Yesterday, I kicked this painting off my easel. It was more boring than I thought it would be. I've lost the excitement of still life. I wasn't finding any fun in it. The finished piece shows the complete lack of fun. So it's signed and waiting for a decent drying and a coat of varnish. Even boring pieces should be preserved as a reminder.

Then I bumped into some crinkly purple artsy paper in my studio begging for paint. Although this shot doesn't show yesterday's beginnings, I'd started with some white paint and a brush, then abandoned the brush and used my hands. This is today's results so far with the brush and a little detail work. I don't know why, but I'd painted LOL with my fingers somewhere in the middle.

I got these eyes developing in my hands . . .

Laughable to think my creativity would stop in the studio is it? Well, when one has zucchini languishing about in one's fridge it's necessary to make . . . ah, the anticipation . . . zucchini bread.

The T&M billing paperwork was not available for comment or photos.

I'm going to nosh now. Maybe a little more X-Files to round out the day.