Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is what summer's all about

I don't like required summer reading as furnished by school. I do like summer reading though. When I went to school (slightly post-Jurassic), we didn't get required summer reading lists. It might have turned me off to reading altogether if I weren't already such a voracious reader by the tender age of 15. It was my favorite time of year to do Absolutely Nothing whenever possible. (Yes, I got bored as well. I wasn't quite the avid knitter yet.) I had plenty of time to read whatever the hell I wanted to ~ The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Catcher in the Rye, anything from Vonnegut (I should revisit that fellow). Not required, merely admired.

Following in my literary-engulfing footsteps is Bennie reading one of the Twilight series (not required, but we've read all the Harry Potter books and Because of Winn Dixie was easily swallowed in DVD format). Piwaqit seems to absorbing the book along with her. The boys are playing on the X-Box 360 until their eyes bleed. Banging my head on the wall would be easier than getting Tom to read his required Catcher in the Rye and Black Boy. Ian can skate one book on the list by going to see Much Ado About Nothing, but still needs to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Required reading just kills the interest in reading. And I don't subscribe to this theory that children "loose their skills" during summer vacation. The skills aren't lost when they get back to school, they just aren't bloody interested in going over old ground. I'm certain we all retain what's necessary in life ~ public education just doesn't like they're not considered "necessary."

But enough of that. Look at the lawn!

All photos taken from the comfort of the aluminum folding lounger.

Directly east.


And Lord Vader digging the rays.

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