Thursday, July 09, 2009

lacking in ambition

Yesterday got busier than I expected. Ian had an itch since the beginning of summer vacation to get to a laser tag arena down at the Palisades Mall. I'd never been to the Palisades Mall and so we made it a family outing of capitalist proportions. The mall is huge. A shopping Mecca. I haven't shopped in a mall since perhaps the late 80's when I was just feeding me, Dirk and any number of animals. Discretionary funds were abundant then. Now discretionary funds is weighed between hamburger meat or sneakers for any one of the continuously sprouting off-spring.

While Dirk, Ian and Bennie laser tagged to their hearts' content, I made my way to Barnes & Noble to purchase bulbs for my Itty Bitty Book Light (purchased in the 80's), three books by Terry Pratchett and to replace a lost copy of Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I'd say I'm set for my summer reading, however, I am challenging myself this summer by reading Lonesome Dove. I'm familiar with the mini-series aired years ago, but I've been told the book is something to read. The characters are rich with color, they all have issues and it's keeping my interest more than I expected. I'll be happy to return to Sci-Fi soon enough though. It's my literary home right now.

In the meantime, I'm knitting these:
The cuff of these socks is a mohair/something I don't remember blend and the foot is 4-ply Icelandic. Both are from the Stash which I'm trying to use as much as possible (the Sheep & Wool is coming up soon ~ 2nd weekend of October). I'm enjoying the texture. I hope the 4-ply will make for a sturdier heel this winter. Darning feels like a step backwards.

The painting on my easel is still in progress, but not image-worthy at this point. Perhaps the next post.
Today, I may lounge on the hammock, the glider or the beach and read some more Lonesome Dove. I need to recover from spending 5 hours in a mall.

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