Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's been busy 'round here

This could be the second quiet day in a row. I'm working toward that anyway. We've had a couple of the clans from both sides of the family in for various visits and barbeques/parties. Now, back to the business of doing (nearly) absolutely nothing. I was ready for summer recess two weeks before school ended. I was ready for lazy days by the lake. Last year, my summer was harassed by summer school. It took much berating this year, but we've avoided a repeat on that affair.

Yesterday being the first relatively relative-free day, I was able to start a small oil painting. Judging by the dust on the tubes, I guess I haven't done an oil in a long while. A beaver skull was discovered in my skullduggery bag, along with some bones ~ various bits and parts ~ from a deer that had died on our property a few years ago. The beaver is propped on a part of the easel and the painting has been started. I got to 3/4 of the background when I was pulled away from the fun by some urgent paperwork.

That got me to thinking about an Artist's Retreat. I think I'd love one. Just me, literally, alone in a small cabin, middle of nowhere with electricity and running water (let's not get crazy here). All the basic needs met, but no TV, phone or, shudder the thought, computer. These things distract me more than I ever realized. Especially the computer. (An example is this very moment. I could be painting after having walked the dog, but computer time is like a drug.) Having those distractions removed for a time, what amazing visions would I create?

Maybe instead of a Retreat, I could try out a Technology Fast.

Nah! That's just crazy talk!

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