Saturday, June 06, 2009

Things to avoid waking up to in the morning . . .

Turtles. Especially large ones of the Snapping variety. We were gotten out of bed by dogs barking wildly through the back door. On Saturday mornings such as these, no school, no schedules, I generally schlep myself over the the bedroom door to let the dogs out of our room and then fall back into bed again with hopes of regaining unconsciousness on some level. However, with arrival of this female Snapping Turtle, all hopes of La-La Land went out the window as we had to address the barking dog issue.

Well, actually, I'm the one who usually gets out of bed to address any dog-barking issues. Dirk usually continues to lie in bed stating "someone is here" and then resumes snoring. Even in the middle of the night, should the occasional, mysterious Bump In the Night occur, I'm the one out of bed to investigate the noise. Thankfully, thus far, I haven't bumped into anything untoward and hope not to in the future. Any further noises would probably have Dirk declaring that "someone is still here" while I battle the Demons of Darkness in the hall.

But I digress . . .

This same turtle, at least she looks somewhat familiar, has probably been laying eggs in our yard for years and we haven't been aware of it. So she came back to her usual egg-laying grounds to find a great many things changed, but still found a nice sunny spot and got busy digging around until Dirk got his man to load her up in a wheelbarrow for a ride back down to the lake. She'll be back.

Honestly, she's the size of a coffee table made in Texas!

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