Monday, June 15, 2009

Sweet & Sour 16

Today was Tom's 16th Birthday. The Driving Birthday. Another Big Deal Birthday. We rounded up the entire family (with the exception of only a few) to eat at the local Chinese buffet ~ Tom's favorite eatery ~ to celebrate a fine day. 15 people gathered and took over the dining room, ate and then let small children run rampant in the courtyard. I think a good time was had by all.

Naturally, we neglected to bring the camera, but some memories are best meandering the little grey cells from time to time. What mattered is everyone came together and Tom enjoyed that. Family is important to him. It was all good.

With the number of participating family members greatly reduced, we then trundled over to the theater at the other end of the mall/outlet to see The Land of the Lost, yet another silly Will Ferrell movie. Sophomoric humor, at best, but then, technically, he is still in 10th Grade. At least, he'll be getting some culture come July 1 when he and his girlfriend go to see Much Ado About Nothing at Boscobel. Lucky stiff! Gift tickets from my mother.

Happy 16th, Tom!

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Hedgehog said...

What an amazing thing to think of Tom as 16 now....what a proud mom you must be!