Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Synopsis . . . maybe

Alright! So I've been slacking on blogging and such! We've been busy . . .

April saw a visit to Disneyland. I'm still finding ears in weird places. I figure if you've been there, you've done that ~ I won't bore you with the photos. This is merely a snippet of the fun we had.

This particular time has me doing gardening. For two reasons:

1) Grace is moving south and has bequeathed unto me some fine old-growth plants. The best gardens are built on the plants from friends.

And 2) Because I absolutely adore tomatoes.

Having finally gotten my own copy of Seena Frost's book, SoulCollage, I got busy printing off my digital images and mounting them. (Someone might recognize a birthday card image used in one card.)

And I've been knitting squares for this organization. (Again, someone might recognize some of this yarn.)

Honestly, that's the skinny . . . without the dip.

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wild-heart said...

Yay! An update with pictures of goodness.


I miss you.