Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The landscape of my landscape has changed!

This past weekend saw much moving of dirt ~ dirt owned and dirt purchased (a concept I still can't grasp). The first four pictures are of the future back yard. The fifth, shows a brand new sloping front yard. The mountain of native top soil has been spread to something far more manageable. Crystal will miss the mountain ~ it was her perch. My neice and nephew will miss it this winter too ~ it was their Bunny Slope for the sled.

Yes. There will be a lawn. Bodhi will enjoy green grass on her back as she rolls about. She'd been eyeing the neighbor's lovely green lawn as we walked by for a couple of years eager to jump leash and have at, but to her credit she's contained herself. I don't know that fresh green grass will matter much to Crystal. She rather enjoys a decent pile of deer scat or chicken guano . . . combing it out isn't fun for me, of course. Anyway, I'm excited about getting rid of rocks, lumps and bumps in my landscape. For the longest time it looked mighty lunar and uninviting.

I have one more square to knit before sending these to Africa. My personal goal is 10 squares. I'll probably start another 10 once these puppies are packed and gone.

Ah! Flowering comfrey!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I now understand why there is a weird sect of folks who only use drop spindles to get their fiber fix. Very little goes wrong mechanically with drop spindles ~ either it's broken in some freak, unavoidable accident or the dog chews it along with that fine Angora that was being spun at the time. I was finally at the tail end of my Blueface Leicester spinning when the drive band busted. Essentially, it's a big rubber band. I saw the break coming and researched replacing it sooner, but I either couldn't find a resource for the replacement or I got strange responses on how to cut the replacement for another Majacraft wheel and then melt it to a size that would fit my Millie. Instead, I nursed it with a Band-Aid until just a couple weeks ago. Then I went into denial and refused to deal with the situation; until today.

Very simple really: string. Set the flyer to it's lowest level and tie one on, so to speak. Then set the flyer until the string is tight. So far, the knot doesn't seem to be interfering with the wheel's function. The part that holds the flyer in place has been loose since forever so I've used one of those cable ties to keep it held tight. Unfortunately, the only decent string I had lying about is cotton which means it's likely to stretch which means I'll be tightening the cable tie as I finish spinning the Leicester. Nylon would probably be the next best bet.

I hope this fix will keep things in working order. Otherwise, my Millie will just have to become a very nice little end table with a unique ability to spin air and I revert to the drop spindle joining that weird sect of spinners. As long as I don't have to hang out in airports proselytizing in long saffron robes, I'll be okay.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Synopsis . . . maybe

Alright! So I've been slacking on blogging and such! We've been busy . . .

April saw a visit to Disneyland. I'm still finding ears in weird places. I figure if you've been there, you've done that ~ I won't bore you with the photos. This is merely a snippet of the fun we had.

This particular time has me doing gardening. For two reasons:

1) Grace is moving south and has bequeathed unto me some fine old-growth plants. The best gardens are built on the plants from friends.

And 2) Because I absolutely adore tomatoes.

Having finally gotten my own copy of Seena Frost's book, SoulCollage, I got busy printing off my digital images and mounting them. (Someone might recognize a birthday card image used in one card.)

And I've been knitting squares for this organization. (Again, someone might recognize some of this yarn.)

Honestly, that's the skinny . . . without the dip.