Friday, February 20, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

The weather is starting to drive me a little batty. We're in that hazy icy-muddy sort of weather pattern that has one wondering what shoes to wear on a daily basis. When I've had it with working out weatherly whims, I spin. I am also at an impasse with knitting projects. I'm not feeling inspired to paint much either . . . so I spin. Actually, with the daily paperwork mill running and incessant ringing of the phones, I'm not inspired to much other than nap. Again, better to spin.

This is some British Import (pass the sugar, please) Blueface Leicester roving,
as the tag says, I purchased two years ago from the Sheep and Wool. I think I have five bags of it to spin ~ small 8 ounce bags ~ from Little Barn. (The site is down for maintanence otherwise I'd bother giving out the link.) I've decided to spin this lot thin and tight. So far, letting the wool wind onto itself, the ply looks sharp and shiny. We'll see where it goes. And what will I do with it? Socks? Another tote? Crossing those Creative bridges, burned or otherwise, when I get to them, thank you. Need more tea.

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