Tuesday, February 03, 2009


According to Archaeoastronomy, today is Imbolc, Brighid, Candlemas whatever flavor tickles the fancy. I know many recognize 2 February as such, as well as Groundhog Day, but I like the idea of working with planetary alignments and natural rhythms. Back when I was making moon spiral calendars for my small publication, I noticed differences in the calendars we accept and those created based on nature. Calendar-making became a challenge at those times.

So, this is my biddy doll from one of my Flame Sisters. She came from far away to live in my studio with the dolly I received last year. (Not pictured at present because she's helping me come up with ideas for an Artist's Altar in my studio. She's been stewing over it for months.) I know I'm supposed to burn the previous year's dolly, but I can't seem to bring myself to do it. I enjoy each of them with their different personalities.

Bennie's dolly is waiting in the post office. I hope the postal worker gets smart, puts two and two together and delivers it up to us on the mountain. It's a small town, we're local. Stuff I don't even want that has nothing to do with me and is even incorrectly addressed still comes to this mailbox just because they know it's our mail . . . We shall see. Bennie is excited about receiving her dolly. She had a grand time creating one to be sent out to another woman far away.

Though it is snowing, I'm noticing a little more bird song and more crowing from the roosters outside (we're down to six of the buggers now). We even got one, lone little egg two nights ago. Surely, this is a sign of good things to come. I think a hen's rhythms are a better gauge to spring's arrival than some petulant rodent's issues with his shadow.

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