Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How To Succeed In Life 101

Little MissMatched had their Project Sock design contest ~ a possible $500 cash prize. Bennie likes their stuff and eagerly entered two designs. (I have to admit, at the venerable age of 44, I kind of like their stuff, too. It's fun. It's colorful. And there's plenty of days I simply don't "match" on any level.) She spent a couple of hours, good homework time, sketching and coloring the sock template downloaded from their site. She made absolutely certain I'd filled out the required paperwork and got it in the mail before February 11 ~ nattering at me on a daily basis until it was done and I dare not utter the word "sock" without further interrogation. As a result, there were days Bennie was barefoot in her Converses because I wasn't going to even ask if she had any you-know-whats available to put on.

And then she waited.

When the online newsletter arrived, Bennie quickly went to vote on her own sock designs which . . . weren't there. Well, she was fit to be tied. It ruined her whole day at school. It completely demolished any plans of buying her friend a really cool birthday present from Little MissMatched. It required choosing from the same old crappy socks to wear that day.

Now, I'm pretty good at monitoring my kids' e-mails. I'll see that they aren't doing anything weird or make sure they aren't being stalked by child molesters. However, this one e-mail Bennie sent to Little MissMatched slipped under my radar and I was required to address it. As mentioned, Bennie had been stewing over the Sock Project loss all day at school and, well, she gave them a piece of her mind, by golly. So, when she wandered over to the kitchen to tell me she needed me to write an e-mail to the person who engineered to contest I was puzzled.

Ms. So-and-So wrote she was sorry things didn't go well for Bennie and that it's difficult to choose only 24 designs out of the thousands that get entered and if her mother could please e-mail the home address, she would make it up to Bennie. Gotta tell ya, at this point, I made my way over to the site to check out the designs that were chosen before responding. In my opinion, there were a few that could have easily made it to the mighty round file. As a result, I question the tastes of the individuals involved in the process of choosing from thousands of designs. But then, perhaps one gets a little sock-weary and just seeks to have and end to thing. (Hence, not a good jury selection ~ make future note.)

I responded with our home address thinking, "Well, she'll probably just get some small gift certificate or something. A card maybe." What a surprise to receive one set of socks (they always come in three's with similar color/design themes), a key chain and a pendant charm.

The moral: Success in life seems to require bitching to the right personnel.


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Anonymous said...

a) It's the squeaky wheel syndrome.
b) She gets it from Dirk.
c) Good for Bennie for expressing her opinion!
d) You'd be surprised how many manufacturers reply with swag when you write or call their hotline.
e) Your daughter is beautiful (like her momma).