Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rockettes and Rockefeller! Oh my!

Yesterday, we took the train to the City. Due to the impending inclimate weather, school was cancelled and we didn't have to call in a "sick" day. The train ride down was filled with anticipation and grumpiness (we left early in the morning without breakfast). After snagging a quick tea and donuts on the run we did . . .

5th Avenue windows . . .

the Tree . . .
and got to our seats in time for the10:00am show at . . .
Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular!
We saw the Rockettes.

Bless their little synchronized hearts and their pearly whites! Honestly, any woman who can maintain a sparkling smile while high-kicking in heels has, on some level, earned my respect.
Oh, yeah. Santa was there.
More synchronized soldier dancing . . .

Christ made an appearance as well.

When we emerged, we were greeted by that impending snow storm.

We did more tree and then went to St. Patrick's Cathedral. I couldn't get back to the Lady's Chapel to visit the Madonna ~ the 12:00 mass was congregating and the chapel was closed. I prefer the chapel; it's small, quiet and She is there.
From there, we went to stores and had a late lunch at Carmine's with Eric. Chronicling photographically was impossible at this point as we were dodging big fat wet snow flakes and had our hands full of bags. The food was good and the $9 glass of Pinot Noir a necessity.

Our trip to the big city ended on Music Row at Manny's, Sam Ash and Rudy's.
Well, actually it ended with vehicular snow removal and fighting to get up the snowed-in dirt road to our home. But it was all good.

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Anonymous said...

Ian's face is priceless in some of those pictures.

How wonderful that you had a family day in the city that you actually ENJOYED. Thanks for the pics and the details.