Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hugging One Tree at a Time

It's the time of year we pay more attention to trees in this part of the world. Gentle budding in spring time pales in comparison to the brilliatnt display of color in autumn. I like spring. I appreciate its annual return and the promise of fruitful summers and lazy days at the lake, but I really love autumn. Some of my summer knitting included these tree huggers to add to the autumn color.

This one is from the leftover rip-out project.

This one faces neighbors I don't particularly enjoy. They enjoy us even less.

This one is close to the path that leads to the dam. I plan to add more along the way ~ aiming for a little delightful whimsy in the woods for folks walking the dogs.

And this is the one that started it all: the marker for the still-green, flower-free dogwood.

These were meditation and lakeside knits. They gave my idle hands something to do. I let thoughts, ideas, and dreams get lost in the stitches. Some of them are already quite weathered, which is good. I don't expect or want them to last forever. I don't want them to harm the trees over time. These tree huggers are like Tibetan Prayer flags; the elements will take my knitted prayers.

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wild-heart said...

I'm surprised that birds and squirrels haven't taken advantage of the fluffy stuff for nesting purposes.