Sunday, October 26, 2008

Earthly Goods

In these times of great uncertainty ~ economic, political, international, global ~ it's helpful to quiet Monkey Mind with something that seems certain, regular and sublime. After years of holding on to the Monk's Travel Satchel pattern, I'm ready to finally sit down and knit it. I think of my earthly goods. They won't fit into this satchel I'm making. The monks of Nepal and Tibet carry all they own in their large bags. The bags may be large, but I'm sure they still travel light.

Our society doesn't travel light. It wants us to have more. Too much, in fact. It has stuffed us fat and numb. I'm not exempt.

It brought me to tears to see some decent news for once. One woman, site unseen, bought another woman's house off the foreclosure auction block and gave it back to her. The random act of kindness from a complete stranger. That is one less person left homeless. There shouldn't be homeless people anywhere. We all can't live out of satchels.

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