Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do the day . . .

And let the day do you. I’ve been plying the Blue Leicester. The spindle, my heaviest one, turned out to be the best tool for plying in this case. I’d started plying on the Millie so that I could be completely finished with fleece bought 2 years ago at the Sheep & Wool, but the woolen bits kept getting caught. This was overtwisting my ply making a nasty, rope-like yarn. All the fluff I’d spun into it was lost in half a spool. So I switched to the drop spindle and things are now going quite well.

I just need to be left alone long enough to finish it.

Summer is waning. I can see it and smell it here. There’s an early morning chill and an early evening brisk. There are people under this roof eager to get back to school. Living half-way up a mountain does that to restless youths who would like to hang out in town at the pizza joint or cruise to the Foundry or just move in a nomadic fashion from one friend’s house to another eating along the way, laying waste to pantries in the village. So getting back to school is paramount to continued social activities.

Things, however, need to go differently this school year. Some people need to tow the line. They know who they are . . .

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