Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coloring: It’s not just for Easter eggs anymore!

Yes, autumn or anytime, in fact, is a good time to break out the unsweetened Kool-Aid packets and dye wool. All summer, I’d had these skeins waiting to be dyed. Many other activities which involved driving repeatedly to the same location on a daily basis took care of my evil plans for dyed wool world domination. So they waited along with a host of other projects I’d had in mind.

Funny thing about Kool-Aid dyeing is how one gets caught up in it. I started out this morning thinking: “Holy Hannah and her underwear, Batman! Look at all this wool I have to dye! Surely, it will take all day into night requiring a pizza delivery at some point!” Batman snickered as I dyed 4 skeins in 2 hours. I had a lot of Cherry Kool-Aid left; my reds tended toward the Strawberry flavor. Lemonade didn’t do much in terms of color ~ it would make a very pale yellow on a single skein nicely, but doesn’t do well with the hand-painted technique. The Lemonade gets lost. I fell in love with the Lemon-Lime green, especially on the Icelandic. Where the white showed through the gray, once dyed green, it really popped out from the drab background. Of course, all the colors (except the yellow Lemonade) showed well on the last two Rambouillet skeins.

The other funny thing about Kool-Aid dyeing is that I’m not sure I want to knit up the finished product. It looks so pretty sitting about in a twisted skein. It’s no wonder some people think I’m weird.

And now for something out of the ordinary . . .

I’ve discovered a new landmark, if you will, in my yard. If one were to exit our house via the front door and go to the garden, the only unobstructed direction is due south, the Trail of the Dead Moles ~ so named for said critter carcasses littering that passage. Clearly, the Feline Majority has been busy this summer. Each one is a gift, of course. You can tell a gift from your cat. It will not be unidentifiably eviscerated on the front porch, liver here, left lung there, small intestine laid neatly next to the still-beating heart (accurate anatomical identification increases with frequency). It’s bad form and presentation; cats aren’t so rude. No, a Gift from your cat is neat and pristine, almost untouched except for the teeth marks about the neck. It’s a big deal; break out the cat nip.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I had a lot of catching up to do!

What's on the top of the black & blueberry pie?

no sweat babe said...

Checked your post on a whim. Good to see you creating.

We too have a plethera of rodent parts, though our team is making fewer personal presentations. It offends and disturbs their kitty sensibilities when they glance up from their milk prize to discover that I am not chowing down on my gift and it has in fact disappeared entirely.

Donna girl is much relieved by this. No more squished mousies under bare feet on the morning trek to the loo. I am relishing the reprieve of her rodent phobia induce terror when Reiki brings in the live squirrels to live in the closet for days. Praise be to the Donna's mouse proficient lab, Kelly.

On the creative front... I've pinched 30+ terracota butts, aged wood w/ worm castings, and am working on furniture designs made up of paper board cores from pallet strapping. You, my dear, do not have the market cornered on strange looks from your family.

I have nearly extinguished the my supply of copper pilfered from your basement. Must be I need universal impitous to see you again.

Hope to have a blog and web-site up soon the share with you.

Miss you bunches. K