Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Balck & Blue Berry Pie

I am so pleased to have a blackberry bramble growing in my back yard. Seeing that I had quite a lot of blackberries, Bennie and I went out and picked what we could reach. The bramble has purposefully grown in a difficult place on site. On one side, you’re met with many thorns and twisted growth. On the other, you have to climb rocks left over from the initial foundation blasting 7 years ago. Despite the difficulty and prickles and scratches, we picked enough for a pie. Well, not a full pie. I added frozen blueberries to create the rest of the filling, hence the name Black & Blue Berry Pie. Although, in this case, not only does it describe the filling but also the bruises one receives in this business of picking berries for pies.

It is a tasty pie and perfect for this Harvest Time.

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