Sunday, July 06, 2008

Waiting For Le Show

Acrylic on someone else's old butt painting canvas gessoed over about three years ago . . . This is what I'm doing whilst waiting for Le Show to air on WAMC. I'd been feeling the need to paint again for awhile. Time at the beach has been seeing me doodling with some new concept of cartooning with the Lower Self, Inner Child, Sticky One, Unhipili, Subconscious or whatever tickles one's fancy in describing one of the Three Souls that seems important in Feri. I got the idea from Enid Hoffman's book. I've been having a good time with it so far. Enlightening.

How is it I'm able to do all this? Everyone has left the building, including Elvis. Two are at a continuing sleepover. May the camel of the hosting mother never thirst or do anything embarassing. Dirk took Tom to work at two locations which pretty much guarantees a longer day than stated upon departure. We have no camel to bless; so I'm just grateful on the whole.

The house has been mine. The computer has been entirely at my disposal. I can hear all my Sunday morning radio shows without straining over static or video games or the TV or nattering. The dogs are quiet. The cats are continuing to be quiet. The chickens are doing what chickens do, but with the occasional squawk.

After I've had my fill acrylic painting, I will flick and spin more Blue Leicester. Life is good.

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wild-heart said...

Wait . . . what?

Is Dirk working under the premise that keeping Tom occupied will keep him out of trouble? Or is he hoping to exhaust him to the point where he no longer has the strength to get into trouble? Or is he hedging bets against the future by giving his eldest a useful skill?

I know you're back to driving children to summer classes today, so I'm glad you had a day to yourself.

A comic strip???