Saturday, July 19, 2008

got rocks?

If one has ever been to Opus 40 one might understand what came over me in the garden yesterday. It began with weeding and sorting through construction detritus and . . . rocks. I'd been wanting to create a garden altar for some time. Rather than wait for the Great Excavator to come (he's a distant relative of the Great Pumpkin) I sorted through a pile of bricks and other rocks on site to begin my Opus 22 1/2.

As usual, it's progress will be slow and organic and quite physical. It's a grounding experience playing with rocks.

The fun will be in dressing the altar. I'm sure I've got more stuff lying about.

And mock not the fruits of my burgeoning garden!

1 comment:

wild-heart said...

A bean!!! And hidden hollows for Life to dwell!!

You find beauty everywhere. I'm jealous of that.