Monday, June 09, 2008

it's hot . . .

In fact, I won't put a number on the hot. It's just hot.

After doing various and sundry house chores, some requiring demo, and after practicing my asanas with a little chanting for good measure, I sat down to some Blue Leicester. The Blue cards up lofty and spins nice and fat. I don't know what I'll make of it just yet, but something will come to mind.

And my desk is a mess with plans and Knothing Knitting ~ a kitchen towel.

The garden is a-growin'. Did better sowing directly outdoors than starting the seeds inside. Some things held in there, but a great many preferred the elements to my kitchen counter. I guess it's the Plant Kingdom's equivalent of breastfeeding over bottle.

This is my Happy GingkoHostaEchinaceaBlueberry Garden. (They all wanted equal billing.)

The Isis Crystal is enjoying the space awhile.

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wild-heart said...

As always . . . wonderful.