Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pack of Feral Teens Invade Residence

First, they played Twister in the Great Room . . .

Then they baked brownies in my kitchen. (Note: They were remarkably neat which is uncharacteristic of the species.)

After swimming at the local oasis (aka The Lake), they returned to the Great Room to jam (Fair attempts at The White Stripes 7 Nation Army.)

Later, we will be bringing the Feral Teens to a Chinese Buffet and the movies to see You Don't Mess With the Zohan.

Why would I allow these creatures loose in our home for one day?

Tom's 15th Birthday.

Monday, June 09, 2008

it's hot . . .

In fact, I won't put a number on the hot. It's just hot.

After doing various and sundry house chores, some requiring demo, and after practicing my asanas with a little chanting for good measure, I sat down to some Blue Leicester. The Blue cards up lofty and spins nice and fat. I don't know what I'll make of it just yet, but something will come to mind.

And my desk is a mess with plans and Knothing Knitting ~ a kitchen towel.

The garden is a-growin'. Did better sowing directly outdoors than starting the seeds inside. Some things held in there, but a great many preferred the elements to my kitchen counter. I guess it's the Plant Kingdom's equivalent of breastfeeding over bottle.

This is my Happy GingkoHostaEchinaceaBlueberry Garden. (They all wanted equal billing.)

The Isis Crystal is enjoying the space awhile.