Friday, May 09, 2008

Some People Are Just Too Cool

There's a new addition to the Kitchen altar . . .

This morning, I received this purple ewe from Ruth in the mail. It is the sweetest thing. An unexpected pleasure, thank you!

I shall refrain from spinning the fibers off its little body . . .

In News of the Bizarre, Tom is going to his first concert at Madison Square Garden with a friend (and a chaperoning parent who shares Dirk's concerns ~ they've been to concerts; they know what goes on). My Chemical Romance will be on after two opening bands. That will make for a long night indeed. After much lecturing and eye-rolling, plans are set and it all seems kosher enough. I imagine Tom will have a good time.

We realized the proverbial can of worms was opened when Bennie was allowed to see Avril Lavigne at the Mohegan Sun with a birthday girl and her parents last month, but that was a hotel venue with girls near the same age. MSG in New York City it ain't! Now that leaves Ian needing to score a night at the concert. I wonder where we'd go.

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