Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Old Cross Stitch, New Numbers & The Power of Om

The Elemental Cosmos Pentagram was purchased in 1999. It's moved at least 5 times, has been worked on in 5 different homes and it was meant for the home I'm finally in now. Counted cross stitch is a bear of a challenge. One is flying blind, starting from the center and hoping not to lose one's way in the process. I've been working the bottom and the lower left section of this piece on spurious Saturdays and Sundays during a few of my favorite radio shows, Car Talk, Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! and Le Show. I get plenty of light in the sunroom regardless of weather so I'm plugging along to get it done and hung somewhere prominent. Another month maybe and this cross stitch will be done. Resurrecting this cross stitch and running into the ad for this book has sparked some inspiration in a different direction. Unfortunately, the company I'd gotten this pattern from seems to be out of business ~ Witches Stitches is no more.

This sign represents the new number on our house. I guess once the C of O was filed, the county EMS felt it necessary to inform us that we never lived at110, but 49. We'd been grossly misinformed for about 10 years as to our physical location. So I've been moved without actually moving. A little weird really. Anyhow, I decided a few things needed to change for the motto of our home. The Plantation had to go as it's oppressive and "work is work" begs for a rest. Instead, I planted the Om glyph and "Om Sweet Om" on our 49. Feels better so far.

In the process of creating an Om on the house sign, I started decoupaging (is that a verb?) om's found on the internet all over my old drawing table surface. Have I reached Nirvana yet? I don't know. I haven't gotten my latte.

Ah, yes! And here's Bucky the Homosexual Insult Skeleton in the latest poncho. It's just a long rectangle with one end sewn to one side. Bennie is waiting for hers to be done next. They are wickedly quick.

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Anonymous said...

Do I need to send this book to you? It's just languishing on a shelf here.

Om is where the heart is, dear.