Monday, April 21, 2008

The Little Things

Maybe I'm doing too much at once. Too many irons in the fire, as they say, but I seem to be tying up the loose ends in the studio.

I finished this bag with a guaze-y liner, crocheted strap and a beaded drawstring closure.

I started (yes, not exactly "tying up loose ends" by definition, but stick with me ~ my story gets better) this beaded I-cord gleaned years ago from here. (Oh, and I've still been spinning the Rambouillet as that errant spool in the corner shows.)

Because I ran out of matte board, this is as far as I could take SoulCollage in the physical realm. I've since turned to Photoshop and the Internet Images Pool for my collective unconsciousness gleanings. More on that another time.

And I've got four Oracle images done with a fifth waiting patiently on the easel. The process for this has changed. The complete lack of limitation has me in free-floating quandaries, but things are happening nonetheless. It's become an interesting journey interspersed with taxiing youths, dealing with business e-mails and faxes, animal husbandry and animally husbands.

Still plugging along with the cross stitch.

This is a photo-mosaic, 1000-piece puzzle in progress . . . There's really nothing more to say about this. The ends are too numerous to tie.

And this is Dirk's little dangling thread tamed: a finished ceiling in the kitchen. Up until now, we'd been enjoying the sight of our plumbing and electrical on a daily basis.

1 comment:

wild-heart said...

What do you do with the gazillion things you make?

I'm glad you've had a chance to work on the oracle images. I feel something simmering, but I'm waiting for your flame.

The kitchen ceiling is beautiful.

I was just playing with the beaded Metista you made for me, and marveling at your skill.

Love you!