Thursday, March 06, 2008

Rock & Roll and Wrap

Krikey! Has it been that long? (Could we institute a National Speak Like An Aussie Day?) Well, anyway, we were rockin' out at the homestead this evening. Tom has been endeavoring to learn a favorite song. The laptop has been a grand help ~ from tuning both the acoustic and the Fender Strat to playing the favored song ad nauseum. I used to have to endure Sunshine of Your Love as the warm-up song in an earlier life. Now I get to hear Animal I've Become by Three Days Grace until the bovine make their weary entrance. Ian was keeping time on the drums with the required drum rolls for the occasional change-ups. All in all, it didn't sound too shabby. Dirk might have played along if he hadn't injured his right thumb using it as a door stop for a 1997 Chrysler Town & Country sliding van door. I foresee a trip to the doctor's office in my near future ~ like tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, the Rambouillet is still a-spinnin'

And this would have been the finished Soul Cards bag, however, I changed my mind and decided to keep the decks separate. I need a new use for this bag ~ still needs a liner and a strap. (Ignore the puzzle pieces!)

And here's the wrap! Well, really, it will be a poncho. I seem to need these colors. Need them like fresh air in sunshine. This un-pattern is so easy I could quickly knit one up for Bennie as well. I think she'd like that, but then it's hard to tell what she'd like these days. Pink-to-orange gauntlets with skull and cross bones maybe.

Bodhi has other aspirations . . .

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wild-heart said...

It just occurred to me that you'll have a house full of teens before long.

I'm so, so sorry. :)

Is that no-longer-for Soul Cards bag tied at the bottom???