Friday, March 14, 2008

Fear My Whimsy

This is my studio. I know. It was set up enough for me to work, stash yarn, paint. But the floor was not finished. Just some job site remnant covered the plywood to make the environs cozy and tolerable. So it's all apart again. At least the floor will be done. There's a dark blue, white-and-gray speckled rubber flooring that's been waiting for a long time in the basement. Why rubber? Easier to clean. I don't care if paint gets on it. Not too bad on bare feet either. Today, the area was cleared for substrate flooring to go down. I hope to be glueing tomorrow. Need to get special glue though. That requires a trip to a special flooring supplies store ~ Home Depot won't do. They don't have it anyway. I looked in vain because I hate trips to the special flooring store.

Knit Simple: the poncho in progress despite the disarray. Need to get to 16" wide and then it can be configured into a poncho shape.

And I'm nearly done with this book. I enjoyed it because the main character painted incredible paintings that netted his chosen gallery over $400,000.00 on his first showing. I'd like just one of those.

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